Vegetable Chili   bowl / cup $7/ $5

Neill Farm Beef Chili bowl / cup $9/ $7

Chili topped with cheddar cheese and side of corn chips


Soup of the Day bowl / cup $6/ $4


Artichoke and Parmesan Dip with crostini and crudité $10


Smoked Salmon Dip with crostini,  crudité, capers & onion $10


Cool Tuscan White Bean Dip crostini & crudité, topped with basil oil $8


Spicy Sauteed Calamari with pepperoncini, white wine broth, sundried tomatoes, garlic & parmesan.  Served with Elmore Mtn focaccia bread $11  add wild boar $3, add noodles $3


Traditional Nachos topped with green chili’s, cheddar cheese, house made salsa and chipotle sour cream $11


Pub Nachos smoked bacon, bleu &  cheddar cheese topped with VT maple chipotle syrup & scallions $13


Panko Crusted Crab Cakes with basil mayonnaise $12


Caprese Salad or Sandwich with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil & balsamic over a bed of greens or on Elmore Mtn focaccia $12

House Salad garden veggies, croutons with choice of blue, ranch, balsamic or oil & vinegar dressing $8


Classic Caesar romaine hearts, parmesan cheese & croutons $9


Chicken Waldorf Salad walnuts, apples, craisins, mayo & cheddar  over mixed greens topped with balsamic glaze.  or as a sandwich on a sub roll $13



Sandwiches, And  Entrees

Classic Grilled Cheese on Elmore Mtn focaccia $7   

VT Roast Turkey and Wild Boar Sub with roasted red peppers, melted mozzarella & cheddar $14

BBQ Pork  Elmore Mtn. corn grit focaccia, cheddar cheese, coleslaw & homemade pickle $13

Neill Farm Burger Sliders  lettuce, onion & pickle  with choice of cheddar, blue or swiss cheese $12      add bacon $3

Heady Dipper slow cooked Neill Farm pot roast sandwich on an Euro roll  with horseradish aioli and au jus $16

Pub Steak Sandwich thin sliced sirloin, mushrooms, cheddar and basil mayo $17

NY Strip Steak with white truffle oil, parmesan,       roast potato and veg $24
**(Sandwiches served with kettle chips and

homemade pickle)**  Sub salad  $3**


NY Strip Steak with white truffle oil, parmesan,    roast potato and veg $24

Regular Mac & Cheese full $11/ small $8

bacon & sweet corn  full $14/ small $9

sweet corn & scallion full $11 / small $8

BBQ pork &  blue cheese full $15/ small $10


Cool Sesame Peanut Noodle Bowl  medium spice,  vegies &  tamari nuts $12  add chicken $16,  add Ahi $18


Garden Pasta sautéed vegetables, gemelli pasta, extra virgin olive oil finished with parmesan & balsamic glaze $15

Sesame Seared Encrusted Ahi Tuna  - 8oz tuna with side salad, sautéed vegetables , soy dipping sauce & wasabi aioli $24